LED Screen Advertisement

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LED AD Pro is leading LED Advertising Agency in Bangladesh provides finest quality LED Screen Advertising with over 800 (Eight hundred) Indoor & Outdoor LED Billboards, LED Giant Screens, LED Signs, LED TVs in Bangladesh.

LED Screen Advertising is a communication medium which uses the latest in display technology. In simplistic terms it is a remotely managed electronic display device in which content such as full motion video, photo realistic graphics, texts or animation can be displayed in full HD. Research shows that, digital LED Screen is viewed up to ten times more often than static signage marketing, Digital signs can save on advertising costs through high-impact targeting, creating a greater return on investment for your advertisement. Digital out of home media focuses on marketing to consumers when they are in public spaces. It goes where most other media can’t go to surround and immerse consumers out of home, where they spend 70% of their waking hours. This is very effective to captivate a large group of audience as they can be seen at night, during the rainy season and even during the day.

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